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General terms and conditions of business

General terms and conditions for the rental of sports equipment

Sport + Mode Wemhoff - Astenstr. 7 - 59955 Winterberg

These conditions are an integral part of the present rental contract.

  1. The renter is fully responsible for the rental equipment.
  2. The equipment is not insured.
  3. In case of loss of the rental object due to theft or total loss, the replacement value of the rental object will be charged to the renter.
  4. In case of theft or loss of the rental object, the customer must in any case file a report with the local authorities.
  5. In case of partial damage to the equipment, the repair will be charged to the renter according to the valid price list.
  6. The exchange of the rental object during the contract period for equivalent articles is possible at any time. Exchange for articles of a higher category is also possible for an additional charge, but a refund is impossible when exchanging for articles of cheaper categories.
  7. The rental equipment must be paid for by the day it is returned. The latest return date is 09:00 in the morning of the following day.
  8. Early termination of the rental contract is possible by returning the rented item, but without any general right to a refund of the proportional rental fee. A pro rata refund is at the discretion of the lender.
  9. Refunds will be made in case of illness and/or accident, upon presentation of a medical certificate.
  10. A regular rental agreement is required to set the bond. By signing the contract, the customer agrees to the professional binding adjustment according to ISO standard 11088/13993. He/she confirms that he/she has given the correct personal details for the determination of the correct Z-value. The renter has checked the correct setting of the determined value by the rental employee according to the scale (incl. indicated corrections from the pre-seasonal check).
  11. The conclusion of a rental agreement is only possible upon presentation of an appropriate certificate of legitimacy by the renter. Alternatively, a deposit can be made.
  12. The tenant agrees to the storage of his personal data for the purpose of the binding setting and legitimation check.

Altastenberg, November 2016

General Terms and Conditions Ski School Altastenberg Leber & Wemhoff GbR

Astenstr. 7, 59955 Winterberg-Altastenberg(hereinafter also referred to as "ski school")

§ 1 General
Unless expressly agreed otherwise, our General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all business transactions between the Altastenberg Ski School Leber & Wemhoff GbR and the customers. The object of the company is the operation of a snow sports school (ski school). This includes, in particular, services such as the provision of instruction in the skills and knowledge of skiing (without guarantee of a specific training success) as well as guiding and accompanying during skiing.

§ 2 Registration
The registration for the courses takes place via the office of the ski school in the business premises of Sport+Mode Wemhoff in Winterberg-Altastenberg. The registration is only binding for the ski school when a confirmation has been received from the ski school and the course fee has been paid in full. In case of a pre-registration by phone, internet or email, the participant is obliged to pay the course fee even if he/she does not show up for the ski course. There is no right to courses of any kind. The ski school alone decides on the arrangement of the courses and the participation or non-participation of the individual customers. The contract partner has to inform the ski school truthfully and comprehensively about his abilities and experience in skiing.

§ 3 Course fee / prices
The calculation takes place in Euro at the price valid on the day according to the notice in the business premises of Sport+Mode Wemhoff, Altastenberg.

§ 4 Cancellation of a registration by the ski school
The ski school has the right to cancel a registration before the start of the course. This may be necessary due to over- or undersubscription of the chosen performance class or bad weather conditions. If no alternative course or alternative day can be arranged with the participant, the fees will be refunded.

§ 5 Lift tickets
Lift tickets are to be paid by the participant. Information about lift ticket costs in advance is not binding. The magic carpet in the Kinderland is included in the course price.

§ 6 Lesson times
The lesson times correspond to the information in the brochures, but can also be changed for current reasons. If the lesson times change, this will be announced in the ski school office. The ski school is not liable for cancelled lesson times due to bus delays (e.g. traffic, road or weather conditions, bus defects, accidents etc.).

§ 7 Suspension of Classes
Adverse weather, snow, hazardous conditions, etc., may result in suspension of classes. The decision to interrupt lessons is the sole responsibility of the ski school. This decision must be complied with. The cancelled ski course time will be made up. A refund of the participant fees for the cancelled part of the course can only be made if a make-up is not possible due to lack of snow. Further claims are excluded.

§ 8 Breaks
The specified break times during the ski courses can be changed individually by the ski instructor. This applies in particular if the weather or other current events make this necessary. Furthermore, the ski instructor may schedule additional breaks if he/she deems this necessary. Underage children and young people are to be taken over and supervised by their parents or another person with parental authority at the agreed meeting point during the regular or agreed break times. Supervision by the ski instructor does not take place during this time.

§ 9 Deregistration with the ski instructor
If a participant leaves his or her group during lesson times or during supervision, he or she must deregister himself or herself, or his or her parents or other person with parental authority, with the ski instructor / supervisor concerned. The ski school accepts no liability for unauthorised removal from the ski course. Furthermore, the ski school is not liable if a participant misses the journey home as a result of being absent or not signing out.

§ 10 Exclusion from the course
In case of complaints from other course participants, parents or ski instructors about the inappropriate behaviour of a course participant during the course, the ski school can exclude the course participant from further participation in the lessons. In this case, the right of the course participant to a refund of proportional fees is cancelled.

§ 11 Age and physical condition
Participants from the age of 4 years can be enrolled in the ski school. The prerequisite for all age groups is a good physical condition (in the case of possible complaints, the family doctor should be asked about this). With his registration, the customer confirms that he is not aware of any physical complaints that would prevent him from participating. Should the participant feel physically overstrained during the course or in the choice of terrain, this must be reported to the ski instructor immediately.

§ 12 Refund in case of withdrawal of a participant
After the beginning of the 1st day of the course, no refund is possible. The refund of the course fee for missed course times is excluded. The right to a replacement does not exist.

§ 13 Lost or damaged items
The ski school is not liable for skis, boots, accessories, clothing, money and personal items that are lost or damaged during lessons or breaks in lessons. Participants are responsible for said items at all times, this also applies to borrowed items, especially ski equipment.

§ 14 Safety
Each ski and binding must be checked and adjusted by a professional before the start of the course. A liability of the ski school regarding defects on skis, bindings and other equipment is excluded, as well as defects can lead to exclusion from the lessons. Any advice given by the ski instructor in this regard is non-binding. The FIS rules of conduct apply to skiing. The instructions of the ski instructor must be followed at all times.

§ 15 Liability
Every participant has to take care of his own insurance. There is no insurance cover through the ski school. The ski school points out that there is an increased risk of injury when skiing. The course participant must inform the ski instructor immediately if he/she feels physically overtaxed or in the choice of terrain. The ski school is not liable for accidents and injuries which are in the nature of skiing or which arise from the participant's failure to point out that he/she is overtaxed.

§ 16 Place of performance
The place of performance is the location of the ski school in D-59955 Winterberg-Altastenberg.

§ 17 Place of Jurisdiction
For the decision of all disputes arising from this contract, the competent court at the location of the ski school Altastenberg is exclusively responsible.

§ 18 Effectiveness
Should one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions be ineffective, this has no effect on the remaining conditions. In this case, the statutory provisions shall apply in addition.


Altastenberg, November 2016